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Safeconcerts™ works Daters Avoid Ticket Scams & Steer clear of damage’s Way at Shows

The brief Version: alive songs can supply the right atmosphere for remarkable times. One thing concertgoers should be wary of, though, tend to be ticket cons as well as the additional preventative measure they ought to take whenever going to a large event — because, while massive crowds of people could be exhilarating, those can come with their own fair share of chaos. Safeconcerts is an impartial music internet site that assists consumers tightly buy seats to shows in European countries without acquiring rooked by 3rd party vendors. Through discussion online forums, photographs, and program critiques, the site also offers a multitude of tips for attendees to keep their wits about them. All together, Safeconcerts is a great resource for daters, music enthusiasts, and really anyone who values probably concerts.


Concerts may be lots of fun, plus they make for an amazing time or personal event. On the other hand, it’s important to consider carefully your security when you’re buying seats web and when you are going to the program.

Based on a recent post inside Guardian, using the internet admission fraudulence went upwards 55percent in 2015. People on some 3rd party internet sites prey on citation purchasers for huge income, with songs followers slipping target to counterfeit tickets or not obtaining tickets at all.

The people at Safeconcerts are well aware of the countless show violation scams online, together with the potential dangers included as soon as you get right to the place. Their own aim isn’t to do the joy out of planning shows — it is to offer men and women a protected destination to find tickets and interact with others while staying alert to potential risks at programs. In this way, concertgoers can loosen up while having a very good time with pals and dates even though they’re out paying attention to their favorite performers.

Safeconcerts is had and run by festivalgoers and music fans, like you, whose priority is putting some means of going to and finding your way through shows as fun and worry-free as you possibly can. Most likely, think of the disappointment of one or two exactly who causes it to be for the top of a concert range and then be transformed out because seats they bought were fake.

a Mission to carry Transparency with the Ticket-Buying Process

Rejecting most kinds of advertising, Safeconcerts is an unbiased site that’s not financed by any outdoors business. It is operated by and made for individuals who communicate a love for live music and want to bring visibility to concert security together with procedure of purchasing tickets.

You’ll find current news and listings about shows, alongside concert and festival pictures, tv show reviews, and online community forums with conversations from Safeconcerts customers in regard to different protection and ticketing subject areas.

Having this insightful resources easily obtainable is generally tremendously important when preparing for a romantic date or night out with buddies. Being armed with strong, verifiable details helps concertgoers flake out and enjoy the entire music experience — from when the passes are purchased to whenever followers tend to be online streaming out-of a venue making use of their ears however ringing from standing too near to the speakers.

Splitting Legitimate internet sites from Untrustworthy

Safeconcerts supplies people with a particular part labeled as get Ticket secured that has been created responding towards the growing range fraudulent internet based concert ticketing web sites. It includes a directory of legitimate internet sites for buying seats, as well as a list of internet sites they consider untrustworthy. The target is to enable individuals generate informed choices when searching for seats.

Individuals at Safeconcerts thought this is essential to make it harder for folks who run fraudulent sites to achieve their own scams. Additionally they wanna portray web sites that offer the music scene and, through admission product sales, tend to be putting the cash back in the instead lining the pockets of possibly greedy 3rd party retailers.

The Ticket secured Directory contains a Green listing and a Red checklist. Easily, the Green listing consists of internet based pass retailers Safeconcerts advises, whilst Red listing comprises of sites in order to prevent.

They price these sites by looking at a particular organizations details, ticketing rules, and consulting with experts in the. Additionally, the Safeconcerts staff makes informed decisions hinging independently experiences with web development, creating recommendations centered on their own conclusions and activities.

Additional sources offer performance Announcements & protection Tips

Among Safeconcerts’ live music and festival-related sources is a comprehensive range of events and tours. Consumers may also discover websites announcing coming programs and celebrations, behind-the-scenes photos, concert reviews, and lots of information from the message boards covering ideas on how to remain safe.

Without a doubt, there is something to-be said for a little spontaneity when planning a romantic date, but that’s the good thing about Safeconcerts. The screen provides quick access to everything you need to understand maintain the feeling because trouble-free that you can.

Continuing to be Vigilant holds celebrations Fun for Concert Enthusiasts

Live shows are one of existence’s most enjoyable pastimes, specifically if you’re a die-hard music lover, and Safeconcerts’ main concern is actually keeping it because of this.

Cyberspace is increasing our understanding of up-and-coming rings and where you can see them, because of an increasing number of programs for performers and enthusiasts, but with a lot more possibilities arrives a lot more cases of violation fraud. Safeconcerts provides all the info you should prevent these issues while focusing on which’s most important — the songs therefore the people you’re with.

The team dedicates their time and energy to developing your website’s material due to their love of songs, and additionally they understand discover millions of folks on the market exactly who share their unique desire for impressive live shows.

Maintaining festivals enjoyable and secure is very important because, after the day, we all only want to have an enjoyable experience using the people in our lives while we dance a single day or evening off to well known writers and singers.


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