Our team comprises of architects and interior designers who are zealous to create spaces that have become a benchmark in terms of creativity and the quality.

Latest technology, uber luxurious material and superior finishes are used to create a home fit for the royalty. The aspirations, lifestyle and the aesthetic sense of the client are some of the driving principles that help us design a truly luxurious home.

We are a one stop solution for all your architectural and interior design needs. The turnkey design solutions created by us are unique and created exclusively for each client.

Design happens at various levels and we understand the impact that good urban planning can make. Whether it's a township, a mixed use development or a simple home, we are geared with expertise to help you achieve the best.

We have projects across India encompassing sections like hospitality, healthcare, luxury villas and retail. However, we are humbled to be one of the leading designers for office interiors in India.

While we strive to create design solutions that are niche and path breaking, we always attempt to make sure that the design approach is wholesome and sensitive to the needs of the client and the ecology.

Who We Are

Started in 2007, Eldorado is an interior design studio that specialises in a multitude of design related services. We offer design expertise and specialise in providing turnkey interior design solutions. With over two decades of experience in the industry, we are a team of passionate individuals who constantly strive to create spaces that are unique, modern and respond to the requirements of the users. We guarantee a stress free and struggle-free experience in creating your dream spaces for you.

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We believe in making dream spaces a reality. Our team constantly strives to shape spaces that are not just functional but are elegant too. We wish to conceptualize spaces that are a reflection of the personality and aspirations of the occupants. Each interior design assignment taken up is handled by our team of experts who combine sound technicalities along with time tested design ideas to offer the best to our clients. We wish to combine our experience, design principles and knowledge to create spaces that are a memorable experience for our clients and to deliver a space that is an amalgamation of their needs, dreams and aspirations. Our vision is to explore more spheres in architecture, urban design and interior design in order to create buildings that are eco-friendly and self sufficient.

Offering the most superior quality support to our clients and to create an experience that they look forward to every day for the rest of their lives is something that we keep close to our heart. Right from matching up to the design brief, on time delivery and super quality materials and finishes, our mission is to provide a hassle free and stress-free experience to our customers. We strive to build life long relationships with our clients and attempt to create spaces that have a positive impact on the lives of the users. Our mission is to always go one step further – to offer an exclusive customer service to our clients that is on par with global standards.

While we offer a plethora of services under one roof which help you take care of all your architectural and interior design needs, our goal is to make the experience stress free and memorable. Not only do we aim to create spaces that are unique and exclusive to each client, but we also strive to offer an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. We are constantly experimenting with ideas, material and technology that not only helps us give the best to our customers but to create and build spaces that are sensitive to the environment too. Energy efficiency and sensitivity towards our ecology are the need of hour. We, as designers have to be conscious about what goes into a built space as it can impact the environment severely. Hence, we are constantly innovating with design, the structure and material to build in tandem with nature. Having handed over many successful turnkey projects, we are geared with ample knowledge and attempt to combine this with the latest technology to create landmarks that are not only modern and elegant, but sensitive to the environment too.

Designers are meant to be loved, not to be understood.

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